PRODON is fully customizable and bilingual, allowing NPOs of all sizes to achieve their fundraising goals and more.

PRODON is THE integrated solution that centralizes all aspects of your organization:

  • Complete CRM database for your follow-ups with donors, members, beneficiaries, volunteers, employees, partners, suppliers, etc.
  • Annual, specific, major fundraising campaigns, etc.
  • Fundraising activities such as cocktails, galas, golf tournaments, etc.
  • Personalized communications and detailed follow-ups with all your contacts
  • Online donation platform
  • Microsites and crowdfunding (P2P)
  • Powerful tools for managing your data to support your decision-making processes and strategic planning (reports, balance sheets, statistics, cross-analysis, etc.)

PRODON is available from only 152$/month including cloud hosting and integrated online donation platform.


Facilitate teamwork and eliminate silo work by allowing multiple people to use the Prodon database simultaneously. The management of accesses by user and group of users allows to keep the level of confidentiality of certain sensitive data.

Centralize the data of several related organizations in a single Prodon and reduce your management costs. Manage and analyze donations, campaigns and activities as a whole, or broken down by organization. The security options allow you to configure different and restricted access for all users of each organization.

Facilitate the payment process by credit card and bank transfer for all your transactions: donations, entries, lotteries, purchases, etc.

Simplify batch management of electronic transactions and reject processing to reduce payment delays, saving time and improving efficiency. No sensitive data is kept in order to guarantee the security of your donors’ data.

Prodon already allows you to manage deposits and provides a summary report of entries by General Ledger (GL) account. This option exports the entries by batch to your accounting software. Avoid errors and save time by eliminating manual transcription of information.

Prodon is a powerful CRM that allows you to gather all the information concerning your contacts (donors, beneficiaries, board members, partners, sponsors, etc.), transactions, commitments, follow-ups and other relevant data.

This option allows you to batch import all types of data (.csv format) from various external sources. Centralized data greatly simplifies segmentation work for various communication lists, as well as the extraction of analyses and statistics essential to your organization’s decision-making processes.

Batch email official receipts to your donors individually and confidentially. You reduce postage costs and time-consuming handling of printed receipts. The detailed statistics of each mailing allow you to rigorously manage the follow-ups.

Do you give money, services, goods or commodities to beneficiary clients? Integrate the management of these rebates to the Prodon database to centralize the information and contribute to build a complete picture of all activities of your organization: revenues and distributions.

Recurring and planned donations are an important source of revenue for any organization; careful management of these funds is essential! This option allows you to document and process transactions for these commitments. You will be able to record the total amount of the donation, the amount of money the client has donated to date, and generate the reports needed to analyze the budget forecast.

Your clients are generous, and you want to nurture this special bond through a recognition plan? Whether you are targeting your donors, volunteers, individuals or companies; whether they are spread over the year or “lifetime” value, you will be able to configure all your recognition plans according to multiple criteria.

The various built-in metrics and analytics make it easy to track your donors’ progress and implement strategies to strengthen your relationship with them and drive donations.#

Communication is the key to a strong relationship with your donors and all your contacts. Nurture your relationship with them through personalized, professional-looking emails via email blast. Increase engagement of your contacts and attract new clients with mass mailings of newsletters, bulletins, event invitations and more. You can easily design emails that reflect your brand by customizing the content and design. The integration with the database will save you tedious manipulations related to the extraction of distribution lists for your communications.

Easily create and customize secure forms that reflect your organization's processes for all your activities:

  • General donation, in memoriam, intended for ...
  • Fundraising activities (golf, dinner, cocktail...)
  • Free activities and registrations (training, conferences...)
  • Sale of articles, raffle tickets...
  • Recruitment (volunteers, alumni, members...)
  • Various requests (financial aid, food aid, respite...)

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Customized URL
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With our online donation platform, it is now possible to ask the donor if they would like to increase their donation to help the organization cover costs.


"This functionality is much appreciated and very popular with us!! Since the addition in February, we've had 398 transactions (in 4 months) that have had the fee contribution for a total of $1,678 to this effect. Donations we wouldn't have had otherwise. "

"Initially, we installed this functionality in 2 forms only. At that point, we received a few negative comments, but nothing more. When you announced the official roll-out of this functionality, we integrated it into all our forms, except for the Loto-Fondation form. No comment since. People check the box in almost every transaction. I think it's very positive for us. Your support in integrating this functionality was much appreciated. "

Spread the word about your cause through your network of supporters; encourage them to actively collaborate in your fundraising campaigns via a personalized fundraising page.

A single microsite for all your campaigns or 1 microsite dedicated to each?  The multiple content and design options allow you to adapt each microsite to the various needs of your projects:

  • One or more projects - challenges - campaigns per microsite
  • With or without participants - teams
  • Sharing on social networks
  • Interactive communication between supporters and their donors

Specifically designed to promote and fundraise for a campaign without participants or teams. Set up a microsite dedicated to a major campaign or special project with the option of a global progress thermometer.

Automate the sending of targeted emails triggered by a specific action of your supporters, according to a predefined scenario.

Adapts to all your communication needs:

  • Automated invitations and reminders for an activity or event
  • Automated email chains with fixed dates, with or without conditions
  • Birthday wishes
  • Congratulations on achieving a level in your recognition program
  • Expired credit cards
  • First-time donor welcome program
  • Subscription renewal