Respect the Logilys community.

We ask you not to use Logilys' websites in any way that is incorrect or contrary to the law. At Logilys, all new functions applying to communities imply a certain level of trust, trust which we have given you. We therefore ask that you respect our trust and act in a responsible manner.

Let's Remain Reasonable

Here are a few basic principles that will allow you to avoid problems:

Logilys is not destined for pornography or any sexual content. If this is the type of content that you wish to publish, even if it is your own, it is formally prohibited to publish it on one of Logilys' websites. Know that we collaborate intimately with the competent authorities and will signal all criminal acts;

Do not publish content encouraging users, notably children, to employ dangerous behaviour. All content proposing dangerous behaviour will be deleted;

It is prohibited to publish violent or bloody content for which the goal is to shock or to encourage an unhealthy interest or to undermine the respect of others. Should you upload news related content or documentaries with explicit content, please provide sufficient information to allow users to understand the context of the content. Do not encourage these particular acts of violence;

Respect copyright. Only published content which you have created yourself, or for which you have the rights to use and publish;

Our products are on platforms dedicated to the freedom of expression, however, we will not authorize content encouraging or condoning violence towards individuals groups due to their race, ethnic origin, religion, handicap, sex, age, veteran status, sexual orientation, sexual identity, nor if the principal objective is to insight hatred due to these fundamental characteristics. All content deemed unacceptable will be deleted without notice.

The theft, persecution, threat, harassment, intimidation and non-respect of privacy, the disclosure of personal information of other members in its incitement to violence or to breach the terms of use are taken very seriously. Any person who commits such an act may see himself or herself definitively excluded from all Logilys websites.

Everyone hates spams. Do not create descriptions, tags, titles or thumbnails that may lead to confusion in order to attract a higher number of surfers. You are not allowed to publish untargeted content or undesired, or repetitive messages in a large quantity, such as comments or private messages.

Please take these rules seriously and respect them. Do not try to find flaws or legal loopholes. We simply ask you to understand them and try to understand the spirit in which they were created.

We will Apply Regulation

This concerns us to. The Logilys' personnel regularly examine the content in order to determine if they are not respecting the community regulations. If it is the case, we will delete them. Sometimes content will respect the community regulations, butmay be offensive to certain people. This type of content may therefore be submitted to restrictions. In case of non-respect of the community regulation, the account will be penalized, and serious offenses, as well as repetitive offences, may lead to an account closure. If your account is closed, you will not be able to create another account.

Logilys Websites are Made for the Community

Remember that this is your community! Each Logilys website user contributes to make the site what it is, therefore, do not hesitate to participate in its evolution and its improvement.

Freely examine the sites and become aware of the information distributed;

If you feel that they are contrary to our Terms of Use or our Logilys Community Regulations, please write to us at the following address:

Logilys inc.
217, avenue Léonidas Sud, Porte 13
Rimouski (Quebec) G5L 2T5

Thank you for having taken the time to read this regulation.
– The Logilys Team

Latest revision: May 6th, 2015